We are an IT Media that caters to information that matters in technology, the developments, practices and trends of its scope; Living with ICT is one of a kind in Nepal. We create tech news in four striking forms: print, online, on air and through Mobile apps:

  • Living with ICT (Monthly Magazine)
  • Living with ICT (Weekly FM Program)
  • Living with ICT (online portal/ e-magazine)
  • Living with ICT (Mobile application)
  • TechCriti – English tech news portal

Living with ICT is an earnest endeavour of us geeky technophiles to contribute to the tech enthusiasts as well as common readers. The physical and the online version is published monthly by IC Tech Media Pvt. Ltd with the notion of imparting real, authentic and relevant ICT news and information with certain conceptual strategies. To accomplish this notion, the editorial team tirelessly updates existing and potentially new sources of information, data statistics and ICT developments that covers the following subjects:

  • ICT Policy & E-Governance
  • Best practice in ICT
  • Digitalization & Transparency
  • Product & service provider market analysis
  • Education, Training & career development
  • Learning programming and guides
  • Trends & developments
  • Tech Lifestyle and services

IC Tech Media intends to create content that would be insightful to all our prevailing and prospective readers. It also assures quality content to the readers as well as business growth to all the concerned stake holders. Living with ICT promotes ICT innovation, advocacy, education and awareness campaign. We focus towards providing our readers, perceptive glimpse of an ever-changing business landscape through diverse coverage of companies, products and trends in the existing market.

In position of global trends of media, Living with ICT provides a unique forum where academicians, educationists and students share their knowledge to fellow interest groups to satisfy their thirst of Information & Communication Technology. We believe in keeping pace with the cutting-age-technology to get achievements in this era of information and technology. Thus our vision is to build an e-society on accord of our slogan “Building an e-society”.