We believe that the second edition of the Living with ICT Awards for excellence in the field of Information Communication Technology held last year served as a milestone for the tech sector and helped in showcasing new and advanced ideas from our tech entrepreneurs while also giving them a sense of recognition and appreciation for their works. We have made these awards a yearly event and hope we can act as a catalyst for growth of the ICT sector. We will look to create a spotlight on these individuals and their business ideas and help in creating videos and other forms of content for these individuals.

The sector of ICT has been moving very rapidly and newer advances in technology have impacted this field more than any other form of business. We look forward to this opportunity to empowering the Nepalese tech industry and create a benchmark for awards and recognition in the Technology sector.


We were elated beyond words to honour dignitary and companies last year which stand out because of their unique contributions or prospective contributions in their respective fields.

To mention, we awarded Mr. Muni Bhadur Shakya with Pioneer Award 2016; four start-up companies, viz. Kul Techno Lab, Nepflights , Sasto Deal and Yellow Nepal were awarded with best start-up award 2016. The awards were handed down by then Information and Communication minister Sher Dhan Rai. While the event was widely covered by international media, the national media was trumpeting this as one of the most important happenings of the year. Thus, by every account the event was able to add new dimension in ICT sector.


The Living with ICT Awards Event Program entitled “ICT Award 2017” to be organized by I C Tech Media Pvt. Ltd on August 17, 2017 envisions rewarding the National Heroes of IT Sectors in Nepal. ICT Award will also give a token of appreciation to people that have devoted their lives to the IT sector in Nepal.

The Event will have smaller events within the event like new product launches; documentaries on the stories of the top 3 selected individuals in each category and a LIVE Music and Entertainment programme.

There are numerous young Enthusiastic newcomers and others who have devoted their lives towards Information Technology sector in Nepal to bring us all together and create a closer community. Technology can help make our lives easier and is the key to creating a highly sustainable society. Although we are a long way away we Nepalese have shown an inclination to easy adoption of technology and we believe this will contribute significantly to the growth and prosperity of our nation in the coming years.